In the Spotlight


In The Spotlight

Check out our newest publications in Family Medicine (March 2018) and the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (JABFM) (April 2018).
MPCRN projects at the USAFP Conference this year in Jacksonville, FL received the following awards:
1st Place in Clinical Investigations Presentation, Staff: The association between acupuncture training and presribing pratices. Paul Crawford, MD
1st Place in Clinical Investigation Poster, Staff: Breaking barriers: A study of the effect of patient race/ethnicity on perceptions of prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes. Tyler Rogers, MD
1st Place in Educational Research Poster, Staff: Acupuncture training status and physician burnout. Jedda Rupert, MD & Paul Crawford, MD
2nd Place in Clinical Investigations Presentation, Resident: After the Bump: Implications of the New Extended Maternity Leave Policy. Jules Seales, MD
2nd Place in Educational Research Presentation, Resident: The Impact of a Concussion Clinic on Family Medicine Resident Education. Theodore Ogren, MD
3rd Place in Clinical Investigations Poster, Resident: The Intersection of Physician Wellbeing and Clinical Application of Diabetes Guidelines. Justin Deavers, MD
3rd Place in Clinical Investigations Presentation, Resident: Identifying a potential screening tool for prediabetes: The association of hemoglobic A1C and a test of physical fitness. Robert Lystrup, MD
1st Place in Clinical Investigations Poster, Student: Military status and patients' perceptions of personal control in diabetes mangement. Alexandra Osgood