Faculty Advisors

Faculty Advisors

 Faculty AdvisorsStudents in the Clinical Psychology Program are assigned a Research Advisor and a Clinical Training Advisor. In cases where the faculty member is a clinical psychologist the faculty member serves as both the Research and Clinical Training Advisor.  The Research Advisor serves as the primary academic advisor for students and guides the development of their research skills and projects.  The Clinical Training Advisor provides guidance regarding the development of clinical skills, including helping students select practicum and internship sites.  Below is the list of core faculty in the Clinical Psychology Program, their advisor role in the program, and whether they will be accepting new students in the next academic year (i.e., research advisors only).


Faculty, Program Roles and Accepting Students Next Academic Year

Faculty Name

Roles in Clinical Program

Accepting Students 

Layne BennionClinical Training AdvisorN/A
Jeffrey GoodieResearch & Clinical Traning AdvisorYes (Military Track Only)
Josh GrayResearch & Clinical Traning AdvisorYes
Marjan HollowayResearch & Clinical Training AdvisorYes
David KrantzResearch AdvisorNo
Ray McClenenClinical Training AdvisorYes
David RiggsResearch & Clinical Training AdvisorYes
Tracy SbroccoResearch & Clinical Training AdvisorYes
Natasha SchveyResearch & Clinical Training AdvisorYes
Marian Tanofsky-KraffResearch & Clinical Training AdvisorYes
Andrew WatersResearch AdvisorYes
Jeanette WitterClinical Traning AdvisorN/A