Clinical Psychology - Civilian Track

Clinical Psychology - Civilian Track

The Clinical Psychology-Civilian Track is designed to prepare graduates for careers as clinical researchers in government or civilian academic settings. Although the Civilian Track prepares students to become licensed clinical psychologists, it is not expected that graduates of this track will pursue primarily clinical positions. Civilian-Track students complete the core curriculum requirements for BOTH the Medical Psychology and Clinical Psychology programs. Civilian Track students are expected to complete the program in 6 to 7 years (i.e., 5 to 6 years at USU and 1 year internship). Compared to the Military Track, more time is afforded to those in the Civilian Track for the purpose of developing more expansive and in depth clinical research skills. Civilian Track students are expected to write at least one grant application related to their own research interests. Given the mission of USU, it is expected that students will pursue research that is relevant to the health of the Uniformed Services and/or Nation.

Graduates of the Civilian Track do not incur a commitment of service.

Clinical Psychology-Civilian Track Milestones




Due Date


Ph.D. Qualifying Exams

General and Clinical Psychology

Exam Questions

End of Spring Quarter


Master's Thesis

Empirical study conducted in close collaboration with advisor. Paper to be written in manuscript format appropriate for submission to a peer reviewed journal. Submitted in format required by Graduate School for Master's Thesis

End of Summer Quarter


Third Year Review Paper

Major review article written in style of Psych Bulletin or grant proposal

End of Spring Quarter


Written Proposal and Oral Defense for Dissertation

Complete a research proposal and defend the study to the dissertation committee

End of Spring Quarter (must be defended before applying for internship)


Research and Dissertation

Necessary pilot work and committee review, data collection and write-up of dissertation


6 or 7

Complete Internship

Successfully complete internship

End of Summer Quarter