Medical Psychology Program

The graduate program in Medical Psychology provides graduate instruction and research training leading to the Ph.D. degree. Students entering the program typically have a background in psychology, biology, or life sciences and pursue research in a field combining psychology with the biomedical sciences. Basic and applied approaches to health psychology and behavioral medicine are emphasized, focusing on the study of psychosocial, psychobiological, and behavioral factors in the etiology, prevention, and treatment of illness, substance abuse, and relationships between physical and mental health. The emphasis of this program is the training of scientists and educators in the fields of health psychology, behavioral medicine, and/or medical psychology. The Medical Psychology Program has two tracks a Military Track and a Civilian Track.

Medical Psychology-Military Track graduates are trained for research careers in one of the military services. Currently we are not accepting applications for this track.
Medical Psychology-Civilian Track graduates are trained to be independent researchers in government or civilian academic settings.

Medical Psychology Military and Civilian Track Milestones




Due Date


Ph.D. Qualifying Exams

General Psychology Exam Questions

End of Spring Quarter


Master's Thesis

Empirical study conducted in close collaboration with advisor. Paper to be written in manuscript format appropriate for submission to a peer reviewed journal. Submitted in format required by Graduate School for Master's Thesis

End of Summer Quarter


Third Year Review Paper

Major review article written in style of Psych Bulletin or grant proposal

End of Spring Quarter


Written Proposal and Oral Defense for Dissertation

Complete a research proposal and defend the study to the dissertation committee

End of Spring Quarter (must be defended before applying for internship)


Research and Dissertation

Necessary pilot work and committee review, data collection and write-up of dissertation