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The formal agreement between the American Heart Association and the Military Training Network authorizes the MTN to train and confer AHA/MTN course completion cards to active duty, reserve, and National Guard military service members and DoD civil service employees. The scope of our agreement does not encompass all agencies, such as Department of Agriculture civil service employee or Veteran's Administration civil service employee, or hospital volunteers.

Hospital commanders, may at their discretion, train other classifications of personnel and issue a local course completion card from the hospital, but it may not be an AHA/MTN card.

No. The direct purchase of AHA wallet cards from AHA vendors is not authorized. The MTN will provide each authorized program with the required number of wallet cards, at no cost to the affiliated unit.

The Military Training Network solicited the official determination from the Chief, Policy and Compliance of the MEDCOM Health Care Acquisition Activity, the experts in health care contracts; who are hereby quoted.

  • The requirements for contractor employees are addressed in the contract. If BLS or ACLS is a requirement then it should be stated in the contract and it is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure that his employees/ subcontractors meet the requirement and maintain current certificate. The government only provides training to contractor personnel if the training is unique to the government (CHCS, PD2, local procedures). Contract employees are required to obtain and maintain all licenses, certifications and training that are a requirement of the position. If BLS/ACLS is not a current requirement of the contract but is now determined to be necessary, the contract should be modified to include the requirement. The government does not provide training that is commercially available. I have coordinated this response with our legal staff

To reemphasize, DoD contract employees are not to receive ACLS, PALS, or BLS AHA/MTN training and subsequent course completion cards, unless it specifically states that such training will be provided in the contract.

No. The American Heart Association allows the Training Centers the option of either requiring all instructors to complete a provider course every 2 years, and thus receiving a provider card, OR, to demonstrate acceptable provider skills, complete the provider examination and all instructor renewal requirements every two years, thus receiving an instructor card. The MTN supports the second option, and does not require a provider card.

A written request must be endorsed by the Hospital/Clinic/Unit Commander or equivalent and sent to the MTN. The request for affiliation should include the following. Reference the MTN Administrative Handbook.

Nomination of Program Director
Nomination of Program Administrator
List of all Instructors
Type(s) of course(s) to be conducted
Availability of required equipment
Estimated number of students to be trained each year

Contact the Training Site that issued the original card.

Effective 14 March 1997, each MTN affiliated program must ensure there is a separation of duties between the Program Director and Program Administrator. This change is required to ensure the integrity of AHA completion cards and course examinations.

There is an inherent potential for fraud when the same individual is allowed to request AHA cards, distribute the cards and have sole responsibility for the accounting for all cards. Each case of alleged fraud reported to the MTN requires investigation by the unit Commander and legal review at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. Commanding Officers continue to prosecute persons found guilty of misuse of the AHA cards.

The are currently three (3) vendors that distribute AHA materials. Visit the vendors page to view vendor information.