Janelle Winters, PhD

Janelle Winters, PhD

Name: Janelle Winters, PhD

USU Department of Primary Appointment: 
Military and Emergency Medicine
Training Manager, African Peacekeeping Rapid Response Partnership
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD
Office Phone: 
(301) 400-4154


PhD, Population Health Sciences (University of Edinburgh, 2020)
MA, History of Medicine (Newcastle University, 2012)
MS, Epidemiology and Public Health (Yale University, 2010)
BS, Zoology; History/History of Science, Medicine and Technology (University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009)


Dr. Janelle Winters serves as Training Manager in support of the medical component of the African Peacekeeping Rapid Response Partnership (APRRP) at USU's Center for Global Health Engagement (CGHE). As Training Manager, she supports the delivery of APRRP medical courses targeted at building rapid deployment capacity of peacekeeping forces in Uganda, Ghana, Rwanda, and Senegal. Dr. Winters received her PhD with the Global Health Governance Program at the University of Edinburgh's School of Medicine. Her major research interests are in global infectious disease surveillance and the governance of health. Prior to joining CGHE, Dr. Winters worked as Program Specialist at the American Society for Microbiology, where she managed Biosecurity Engagement Program and Global Health Security Agenda projects in India, Egypt, and Indonesia. She has also previously taught epidemiology in Bangladesh; worked as a biology teacher; and held positions in the history of medicine/science research at the National Institutes of Health and the Smithsonian Institution.


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