Nathanael Allison, PhD Biomedical Physics

Nathanael V Allison, PhD Biomedical Physics, Lieutenant, Navy

Name: Nathanael V Allison, PhD Biomedical Physics, Lieutenant, Navy

USU Department of Primary Appointment: 
Director, Translational Imaging Core
Faculty Rank: 
Assistant Professor
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD

Research Interests:
Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Radiochemistry, Electrochemistry

Office Phone: 
(301) 295-3520


PhD Biomedical Physics, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) - 2018
BS Physics minor in Bioengineering and Mathematics, Penn State University - 2009
US Navy Officer and Radiation Health Officer Training - 2010
US Army Deployment Training - 2003


LT Nathanael Allison enlisted in the US Army in 1999 and was stationed in Germany being deployed in Iraq in 2003 as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He then attended Penn State University earning a BS in Physics and minor in Bioengineering and Mathematics in 2009. Following this he was a teacher in the MD/VA/DC area until he was commisioned as a Radiation Health Officer (RHO) in the US Navy in 2010.

LT Allison's previous jobs and assignments include being a junior medical physicist at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, VA where he was sent as the 2nd wave of health physicists following the reactor incident at Fukushima, Japan for Operation Tomodachi in 2011. Then he was assigned as the RHO on board USS Frank Cable, a submarine tender stationed in Guam where he stood Command Duty Officer (CDO). Next, he was selected for DUINS to complete his PhD in Biomedical Physics at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Finally, he was stationed at USU as the director of the translational imaging core, an animal imaging core with PET, SPECT, MRI, CT, and bioluminescence advanced capabilities supporting experimental medical research of USU/CRNM and several other DoD agencies.


  • Several More Coming Soon!
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