Robert Oh, MD, MPH

Robert C. Oh, MD, MPH, Colonel, Army

Name: Robert C. Oh, MD, MPH, Colonel, Army

USU Department of Primary Appointment: 
Family Medicine
Director, Faculty Development Fellowship
Faculty Rank: 
Associate Professor
Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, WA

Research Interests:
Exercise/Heat Injury/Hyponatremia

Office Phone: 
(253) 968-2911


MD - Boston University School of Medicine, Boston MA
MPH - University of Washington, Seattle WA


COL Oh received his Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology at Boston University in 1993. He graduated from Boston University School of Medicine with a Doctor of Medicine degree in 1998 and completed a family medicine residency at DeWitt Army Community Hospital, Fort Belvoir, Virginia. He then completed a faculty development fellowship at Madigan Army Medical Center where he additionally received his Master’s of Public Health degree at University of Washington School of Public Health. He completed a Sports Medicine Fellowship at the National Capital Consortium in Bethesda, Maryland and received a Certificate of Added Qualification in Sports Medicine.

His research interests include health/wellness, exercise science and nutrition.


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