Solomon Major, PhD

Solomon Major, PhD

Name: Solomon Major, PhD

USU Department of Primary Appointment: 
Military and Emergency Medicine
Faculty Rank: 
Assistant Professor
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD
Office Phone: 
(301) 294-1489


PHD Stanford University, Dept. of Political Science (International Relations)
MA Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service (National Security Studies)
BA University of California, Santa Barbara, History Dept.


Solomon Major currently serves as a Senior Econometrician for CGHE's Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation Division. In this position, Dr. Major develops qualitative and quantitative methods with which CGHE and the wider defense community might assess the policy, health, and security impact of Global Health Engagements (GHEs) and security cooperation engagements. Prior to this, Dr. Major served as an Associate Professor at the US Naval War College, where he carried out similar assessment-based research and taught in the University's National Security Affairs Department.

Dr. Major received both Doctoral and Master's degrees from Stanford University's Department of Political Science, a Master's from Georgetown's School of Foreign Service and his Bachelor's degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Prior to working at the US Naval War College, Dr. Major held teaching positions at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Clemson University. Dr. Major has published widely in leading political science and defense journals on international economic sanctions and humanitarian aid and defense-related impact assessment.

Representative publications, projects, and/or deployments

  • The DHAPP, Senegal Retrospective Report (Uniformed Services University Press, Bethesda, MD, 2017). (With Anna Johnston, Hannah Fitter and Donald Whitley)
  • The MODEL Report (2013 - 2016): Aiming for Measured Success in DoD AME (Uniformed Services University Press, Bethesda, MD, 2016) (with CAPT Glendon Diehl, Felicia Monahan and Sidwell Ferguson-English)
  • Measuring the Impact of U.S. Global Health Engagements, an Econometric Approach. Military Operation Research Journal. Spring 2016. Vol. 21 No. 3. (With CAPT Glendon Diehl)
  • Finding a Healthy Match: A Discussion on Applying the Appropriate Level of Analysis for GHE Activities. Military Medicine. March 2016. Vol. 181. (With CAPT Glendon Diehl)
  • White Hull or White Elephant? Soft Power and the Chinese Hospital Ship, The “Peace Ark.” Security and Defense Analysis. Winter, 2015. Vol. 34 No. 4. (With CAPT Glendon Diehl)
  • MOE vs. M&E: Considering the Difference between Measuring Strategic Effectiveness and Monitoring Tactical Evaluation. Military Medicine. Winter, 2015. Vol. 180 No. 1. (With CAPT Glendon Diehl)
  • Sharpening Our Plowshares: Applying the Lessons of Counterinsurgency to Development and Humanitarian Aid. Air & Space Power Journal. Winter, 2013. Vol. 27. No. 1.
  • The Politics of Private Foreign Aid: Humanitarian Principles, Economic Development Objectives, and Organizational Interests in the Allocation of Private Aid by NGOs. International Organization. Fall, 2012. Vol.66 No.4. (With Tim Büthe and André de Mello e Souza).
  • At a Cross Roads or at Cross Purposes? Explaining the Tensions between Military and NGO Humanitarian Aid-Givers. Parameters. Summer, 2012. Vol. 42, No. 2.
  • Timing is Everything: Economic Sanctions, Regime-Type and Domestic Instability. International Interactions Journal. Spring, 2011. Vol. 38 No. 1: 79-110.