NCDMPH Disaster Health Education Symposium

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Disaster Health Education Symposium 2016

The National Center for Disaster Medicine and Public Health (NCDMPH) and the Uniformed Service University School of Medicine, held the Disaster Health Education Symposium, Innovations for Tomorrow - September 8, 2016. The symposium provided a forum with a specific focus on education and training in disaster medicine and public health. Please check back often for updated content, presentation slides, and for the winners of the poster competition.

Target Audience: 
An interdisciplinary group dedicated to learning in disaster health: academia, associations, the private sector, Federal, State, local and tribal Governments and the Military.

Workshop Content:

Presenters Biographies 
Poster Abstract Information

Workshop Objectives: 
This workshop focused on providing a structured forum for experts to share current national and international educational and training research and practices relevant to the disaster medicine and public health preparedness community.

  1. Describe current and potential best practices in disaster medicine and public health education and learning

  2. List current research efforts related to disaster health and disaster health education

  3. Discuss innovative education methods and technology related to disaster medicine and public health

  4. Identify potential solutions for maximizing learning in a resource constrained environment