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Proposals for Aligning Disaster Health Competency Models

2013 dmphpThe National Center for Disaster Medicine and Public Health's Acting Director Dr. Kenneth W. Schor and Education Coordinator Dr. Brian Altman recently published an article in the February 2013 edition of Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness. "Proposals for Aligning Disaster Health Competency Models" (2013; 7: 8-12) provides suggestions for standardizing and aligning the building blocks of disaster health competency models. Drs. Schor and Altman suggest that uniformity across competency frameworks will facilitate comparison between different models.

The article recommends that competency builders use the article's reinterpretation of the research, development, test, and evaluation construct (RDT&E) when producing their competency sets. In addition, Drs. Schor and Altman encourage developers to consider content in at least 4 key areas: disaster-type domain, systems domain, clinical domain, and public health domain. Finally, the article advises competency model designers to constantly consider the challenges of the disaster work environment when creating their model.

The full article is currently accessible from the NCDMPH website:"Proposals for Aligning Disaster Health Competency ModelsPDF