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Pediatric Disaster Preparedness Curriculum Development Conference

2011 Pediatric Workshop

Press Release: NCDMPH Releases Conference Report   

Read the Pediatric Disaster Preparedness Curriculum Development Conference Report, a summary of the proceedings, outcomes and next steps.

On March 8-9, 2011, the NCDMPH held the Pediatric Disaster Preparedness Curriculum Development Conference in Bethesda, MD.

The conference was convened in order to gather world-renowned pediatricians, surgeons, nurses and emergency responders to address the unmet education and training needs of medical responders who care for children in disasters. Specifically, the two objectives were:

1.) To initiate the infrastructure and methodology to create a competency based pediatric disaster preparedness training program.

2.) To demonstrate this approach by developing prioritized, role-specific education and training recommendations for select healthcare roles.

To accomplish this, conference attendees were broken up into three groups to establish role-specific recommendations by filling in, modifying and adding on to a previously designed template of pediatric education and training recommendations.

The three groups each corresponded to disaster response personnel who would be characterized as "Ambulatory Care Clinicians, "Emergency Department Hospital Staff" or "EMS First Responders."

Final Agenda for the Conference  

Pre-conference Reading Materials and Resources  

The NCDMPH would like to thank the following organizations for highlighting the report:

American Academy of Pediatrics

Humanity Road

Institute of Federal Health Care

National Library of Medicine

National Center for Disaster Preparedness

Pediatric Disaster Resource Training Center