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Radiation Issues in Children

Knowledge Check, Primer, & Case-Based Activity

Curious about your fund of knowledge in the health effects of ionizing radiation?

A 10 question Knowledge Check was written for clinical health care providers, for self assessment and learning. Answer the questions and then see the answers, with links to more information.

The knowledge check does not certify knowledge or grant credit. Answers are not retained.

The learner's performance on the Knowledge Check and personal learning preferences may inform the next choice between a primer and set of cases. Learners can do both or choose one. 

Radiation Disaster Issues in Children: An Approach to the Patient

Author: Gary Crouch, MD, MHSA, Col (Ret), USAF, MC

"'Radiation Disaster Issues in Children: An Approach to the Patient" discusses the unique needs of pediatric patients during and after exposure to radiation. This primer is targeted to healthcare providers who may be responsible for the medical assessment and management of pediatric patients affected by a radiation disaster, particularly a nuclear detonation.

Learners can also visit the previously mentioned 10-question knowledge check after finishing the primer.

Radiation Disaster Issues in Children: A Case-Based Activity

Authors: Kenneth W. Schor, DO, MP & Thomas Fitzgerald, MPH

"Radiation Disaster Issues in Children: A Case-Based Activity" presents a scenario in which an improvised nuclear device (IND) is detonated in a medium-sized American city. The activity focuses on three pediatric case examples that highlight patient management. The lesson has a practical focus and raises awareness of algorithms and other resources that can be used in patient management during and after a radiological disaster.