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Disaster recovery requires the continued provision of care to meet the needs of an affected community. Rather than simply restoring a community to its pre-disaster state, the disaster recovery period also affords the opportunity to build a healthier and more resilient community. The roles of the healthcare and public health sectors in disaster recovery has only recently been prioritized, and there is still much to learn about how organizations and professionals engaged in healthcare and public health may best contribute to community disaster recovery. This webpage provides resources for healthcare and public health workers to more effectively plan for and engage in disaster recovery.

What can I find here?

This webpage contains summarized, annotated resources that have been categorized according to the following topical areas: general information, information for healthcare systems, information for public health departments, and information for managers, workers, and responders. Types of content include: online trainings, webinars, guidance documents, templates, and search engines. All resources are from trusted sources, including but not limited to federal agencies and national organizations, and these materials are freely available online. Content was chosen that would be pertinent to healthcare systems and public health departments nation-wide.

The listing of these selected recovery resources does not constitute endorsement by the NCDMPH.

Hospital Staff Provide Free Tetanus Shots

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General Information

Information for Healthcare Systems

Information for Public Health Departments

Information for Managers, Workers, and Responders