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Information for Managers, Workers, and Responders

Many recovery considerations deal with managing and caring for workers who are involved in recovery. Resources which generally address management of that workforce are listed here. For additional resources, please return to our main disaster recovery resource webpage.

  1. Mountain West PERLC. Community Recovery: Volunteer Management in Disasters.

    This online training covers the utilization and management of spontaneous volunteers, both affiliated and non-affiliated, during the recovery phase of a disaster. It covers topics such as notifying and managing volunteers, as well as deploying them based on training and skill sets. The training integrates lecture with an opportunity to engage in experiential learning by guiding the learner through a scenario, in this case the recovery phase of a wildfire, requiring problem solving and application of public health principles. 

    Resource type: Online training

  2. Training and Education Collaborative System Preparedness and Response Learning Center (PERLC), Texas. Stress Management

    "This training will allow emergency responders and volunteers to understand stress within the context of emergency response, recognize when stress has reached a troubling level and learn to develop a self-care protocol for use during deployment in order to address the effects of stress and alleviate them."

    Resource type: Online training

  3. University of South Florida Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Center (USF PERLC). Understanding Compassion Fatigue

    "This training course is designed to help public health workers, and other professionals on the front line of bioterrorism defense, combat the potential adverse psychological effects of performing their functional roles and professional responsibilities in bioterrorism preparedness, response and recovery."

    Resource type: Online training

  4. Alabama Department of Public Health, Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Center (PERLC). Staffing for Emergency Response and Recovery 2006

    This recorded conference addresses questions related to staffing and management during and after a disaster. While much has been done to educate and train the workforce to handle disasters, numerous questions remain surrounding this topic, such as ensuring that the right people are in the right places with the appropriate resources to handle the response and recovery elements of their job. Recovery topics include transition from responding to recovery, population shifts, housing for employees and volunteers, future planning, debriefing, and workers' emotional and psychological states.

    Resource type: Webinar