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In support of the National Center's effort to link our products to the article, "Core Competencies for Disaster Medicine and Public Health," each webinar is aligned with the 11 core competencies and 36 sub-competencies from the article. The relevant competencies are highlighted in the attachment listed with each webinar. NCDMPH Disaster Learning webinar series features subject matter experts in disaster medicine and public health. Continue to revisit this page to find out about upcoming events. Past event recordings and slides will also live on this page. Remember to follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts to learn first about the latest speakers and topics.

From Reaction to Prevention

On Tuesday July 18, 2017, Dr. Mark Keim, CEO of DisasterDoc, provided an overview of disaster response and preparedness approaches and an analysis of how disaster risk reduction strategies can be used to build resilience and produce better outcomes.

In case you weren't able to log on, click below for the recorded webinar video.

From Reaction to Prevention: A Call to Action