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Published Articles


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Enhancing the Translation of Disaster Health Competencies into Practice (February 2014) proposes revisions to the 2012 pyramid learning framework from the article "Core Competencies for Disaster Medicine and Public Health". Located in Knowledge & Learning - Translating Competencies


Proposals for Aligning Disaster Health Competency Models(February 2013) provides suggestions for standardizing and aligning the building blocks of disaster health competency models.  - Pediatric Preparedness


Toward a Pediatric Disaster Health Core Curriculum (April 2012) is a letter to the editor of the Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness Journal detailing the NCDMPH's efforts toward a competency-based curriculum for responding to children's needs during a disaster Located in Knowledge & Learning - Pediatric Preparedness


Core Competencies for Disaster Medicine and Public Health(March 2012) is a co-authored set of 11 core competencies and 36 sub-competencies that can be reasonably expected of all potential Emergency Support Function #8 (ESF-8) responders Located in Knowledge & Learning - Competencies