Post Hurricane Dangers

Post Hurricane Dangers

FloodingHarvey, Irma and Maria have come and gone but the destruction and devastation they have left, brings even more problems.  The recovery process will be long and we need to be mindful of the dangers that will inevitably have an impact on public health. Such hazards may include: inhalation of mold, exposure to infectious diseases, bacteria and parasites, injuries or fatalities from Carbon monoxide poisoning, exposure to toxic chemicals and air pollutants, medical issues that arise due to lack of access to medications and medical treatment in some areas, unsafe drinking water, sanitation issues, emotional and behavioral problems, displaced of wildlife, floodwater injuries, and an increase in mosquitoes. So what can people do to protect themselves and their families?

Our trusted partners have developed useful resources on how to best deal with Hurricane recovery:

HHS- Helping Families Deal with the Stress of Relocation After a Disaster

CDC - Carbon Monoxide Poisoning After a Disaster, How to Make Unsafe Water Safe to Drink and Precautions When Returning to Your Home after a Hurricane

American Red Cross- What To Do After a Hurricane

EPA- Hurricane Response