Neurology (NEU)

NEU Contact Info

USUHS Department of Neurology
4301 Jones Bridge Road, A1036
Bethesda, Maryland 20814-4799
Phone: (301) 295-3643
Fax: (301) 295-0620

USU Campus

NEU Clerkship

Familiarize Graduate Medical Students with the principles of examination, diagnosis and management of patients suffering from Neurological Disease. 


Courses Offered

Adult Neurology (NEO 4100): This is a required Clerkship offered in the Post Clerkship Year.  Students are assigned to places at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Ft Belvoir Army Community Hospital, DC Veterans Administration Medical Center in the National Capitol area. Additional spaces are available at the Portsmouth Naval Medical Center, Brooke Army Medical Center (SAMMC), and Madigan Army Medical Center (MAMC) and San Diego Naval Medical Center. Some students rotating at Walter Reed may elect to take the clinical portion of the Clerkship on Child Neurology (NEO 4110). The basic requirements for both are the same.  Students in their Clerkship year may elect to do their Neurology Clerkship in Rounds 3, 6, and 9. Sites for this may vary.  More information is available in the Student Information on this website.

Neurology electives (NEO 4105): Elective experiences may be arraigned in both clinical Neurology and Neuroscience.  These may include such areas as Cognitive Neurology, Epilepsy and EEG, or Movement Disorders.

The Department has a significant presence in both the Neuroscience Module and the Bench Bedside and Beyond Module. 

Clerkship Staff and Site Directors

Dr. Margaret Swanberg, COL, MC, USA, (Ret)

Clerkship Director

(301) 295-9687


Dr. David Bartoszek, COL, MC, USA, (Ret)

Associate Clerkship Director

(301) 295-3643


Megumi Madura

Education Support Specialist 

(301) 295-3643 


Clerkship Directors within the National Capitol Area

  • WRNMMC Adult Neurology - Dr. Mark Landau, Assistant Professor

  • WRNMMC Child Neurology - LTC  David H. Dennison, Assistant Professor

  • Washington DC VA Medical Center - Dr. Lynn Kataria, Assistant Professor

  • Ft Belvoir Community Hospital - Dr. David Bartoszek, Assistant Professor


Clerkship Directors at Out of Town Sites

Madigan Army Medical Center

LTC Marcus Ponce de Leon

NEU Clerkship Site Director

(253) 968-1399


CAPT Daniel Simmons 

NEU Director

(210) 916-6155

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth

CAPT Michael Wagner

Chair, Dept. Medicine

(253) 968-0494

San Diego Naval Medical Center

LCDR Sarah Hodges

NEU Site Director 

(619) 532-7965