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Graduate Education (GME)

Graduate Medical Education:

For those students who are passionate about anatomy, detective work, problem solving, and brain function (plus bowties!), the military offers three neurology residency training programs.  There is an Army program at Madigan Army Medical Center, an Air Force program at San Antonio Military Medical Center, and a combined Army/Navy program at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.  The residency is 3 years in duration plus the intern year.  Through direct patient encounters, didactic sessions, and research opportunities residents expand upon and refine their neurologic exam, localization skills, and knowledge of common and uncommon disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system as well as neurologic manifestations of systemic diseases.  Residents at all three programs are also strongly encouraged to participate in and pursue research interests.

The USUHS Department of Neurology maintains close relationships with the faculty and residents at all three programs who are integral members of the USUHS Neurology staff.

Residency Links:


National Capital Consortium Neurology Residency

Madigan Army Medical Center Neurology Residency Program


National Capital Consortium Adult Neurology Residency

Air Force:

SAUCHEC Neurology Residency Program

There is also a Child Neurology Residency/Fellowship open to all 3 services:

National Capital Consortium Child Neurology Residency


Neurology Fellowships:

Neurology sub-specialty training is offered in several areas including



Sleep Medicine 

Intraoperative monitoring


Interventional Neurology

Vascular Neurology

Neurocritical Care     


Pain Management



Movement Disorders 

Behavioral Neuroscience