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Student Information


1. As in the past, students may select an unpaid site not listed in the Lottery. Other Military Hospitals with assigned neurologists such as Tripler, Ft Hood, Eisenhower, and Beaumont are usually good alternatives depending on current staffing. Rotation selections at civilian institutions may require several months lead time since we must obtain an MOU with that institution and meet other requirements of the LCME. This can rarely be accomplished.

2. Students are discouraged from seeking out of town rotations in Child Neurology since success in these rotations requires support from Adult Neurology. This support is usually available only at WRNMMC with direct support from USUHS.

3. Students may take the Neurology Clerkship during their Clerkship year in Rounds 3, 6, and 9.  Spaces are available at several sites beyond the Post Clerkship Grid.  As these are smaller services, opportunities are more subject to change because of staff rotations and deployments. 

4. Special accommodations can be made for students interested in pursuing a career in Neurology

Rotations available in the National Capitol Area

Adult Neurology at WRNMMC (NEU 4100): Students rotate between inpatient, consult, and clinic experiences. There is an extensive series of student conferences and other formal exercises. 4 spaces are available in the lottery for most 

Adult Neurology at Ft. Belvoir Army Community Hospital (NEU 4100): This is a Consultation/Clinic Service. The teaching program may include local seminars. This site takes 4 students in most Blocks.

Child Neurology at WRNMMC (NEU4110): This is a combined inpatient/clinic experience. Students may spend a day a week at Ft. Belvour. Students participate in clinical conferences with students rotating on WRNMMC Adult Neurology. Students must meet ALL requirements of the adult Neurology Clerkship. Two students may be assigned to this experience in most Blocks. It is recommended for those who plan a career in Pediatrics.

Adult Neurology at Washington VA Hospital (NEU4100): This is a combined inpatient, consultation, and clinic experience. There is a very active teaching program including students from other area medical schools. Four students are assigned to this experience in most Blocks.

Fully Funded Rotations Outside of the National Capitol Area

Adult Neurology at San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC)(NEU 4100): SAMMC is now located on Ft. Sam Houston. The rotation is basically an inpatient/outpatient experience at a Neurology residency training site. There is an extensive teaching program along with students from University of Texas, San Antonio School of Medicine. Two students may be assigned in most Blocks.

Adult Neurology at Madigan Army Medical Center (MAMC) (NEU 4100): The rotation is basically an inpatient experience at a residency training site. There is an extensive teaching program. Two students may be assigned in most Blocks.

Adult Neurology Portsmouth Naval Medical Center (PNMC) (NEU 4100): This is a consultation/clinic services with staff assigned to the Neurology Service. Rotating residents from Internal Medicine may be present. The Neurology Service Staff provides extensive individual instruction. Students may spend a week on Child Neurology. Two students are assigned in most Blocks. .

Adult Neurology San Diego Naval Medical Center (SDNMC) (NEU 4100):Two students may be assigned in most Blocks.

Unassigned Positions

The Department of Neurology is the approval authority for rotations at other sites. TDY funds are NOT available except as may be available through the Pre-Internship program. Students are discourages from seeking assignments at Civilian sites since this can seldom arranged.

Policy on Changes

For a finite time after the match, usually until late January, the Office of Student Affairs will accommodate students wishing to exchange their Neurology rotation sites and Blocks. After that, all changes must be approved by the Clerkship Director. Requests for changes should be sent by email to Susana Hoyos. Consistent with University Policy requests should be made at least 30 days before the start of the Block. Those seeking unassigned spaces must make their request at least 90 days before the start of the selected rotation.

If any questions arise, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at (301) 295-3185 or the Neurology Department at (301) 295-3643.

Margaret Swanberg, DO

Clerkship Director

Department of Neurology