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Undergraduate Education (UME)

Undergraduate Medical Education:


The USUHS Dept of Neurology Faculty engage with medical students throughout all four years of education.  The main contact comes during the Neuroscience module where neurology faculty provide clinical lectures, lead small group seminars, and link clinical syndromes with anatomic correlates in the gross anatomy labs.



The neurology clerkship is a required 4-week rotation completed in either the clerkship or post-clerkship year.  Students may choose among 7 sites to complete the clerkship; 3 are considered “in-town” sites and 4 are “out-of-town”.  There are 3 in-town sites and 4 out of town sites where students can complete their clerkship. Students may elect to complete their required clerkship at non-funded alternative military treatment facility (MTF) sites, however this requires approval by the Clerkship Director and the Neurologist at that location.

In town sites:

  • Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (offers both adult and pediatric neurology)
  • District of Columbia VA hospital
  • Fort Belvoir Community hospital

Out of town sites:

  • Naval Medical Center Portsmouth
  • Madigan Army Medical Center
  • Naval Medical Center San Diego
  • San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Care Consortium


Course Description:

The overall goal of the neurology clerkship is to provide students with the knowledge and clinical skills necessary to competently provide care to patients with common neurologic disorders during the PGY1 year. Students achieve this goal through a combination of inpatient and outpatient clinical encounters, small group seminars, and independent reading.  During the clerkship an emphasis is placed on proper performance of a neurologic exam, anatomic localization, differential diagnosis, oral presentations, and professionalism. 

Neurology Electives:

After completion of the required clerkship, students may choose to do an elective in neurology.  The elective can be done at a smaller MTF, where students can work one-on-one with an attending to experience what typical life is like for a military neurologist.  Students may also chose to perform an elective in one of several neurology subspecialties offered at Walter Reed.  These include neurophysiology, neuro-ophthalmology, neuro-oncology, epilepsy, movement disorders, neuro-immunology, and neurobehavior.  With the assistance of the USUHS Neurology Education Assistant, students need to coordinate their electives with the MTF and the Clerkship Director.

Neurology Sub-Internship:

The neurology sub-internship is a demanding exclusively in-patient experience designed for those students who are interested in applying for a neurology residency.  This rotation is only offered at our three residency locations; Madigan, San Antonio, and Walter Reed. This sub-internship does NOT meet USUHS requirements for the sub-internship.

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