Anatomy & Physiology IB: Gross Anatomy-Back, Upper Extremity & Thorax

Graduate Education
Anatomy, Physiology & Genetics
3 Quarter Hours
Course Description: 

This course consists of lecture and laboratory sessions designed to study the gross anatomical structure of the human back, upper extremity and thorax. Teams of students will participate in regional dissection of a human cadaver under the guidance of the Anatomy staff. Relevant lectures will be presented by the staff to aid students with dissection and to clarify complex concepts. The course objectives are 1) to ensure that students learn precise and accurate anatomical information by focusing on unique structural features and relationships, subdividing anatomical regions into spaces and compartments, and recognizing important structural and functional relationships; and 2) to ensure that students develop an understanding of the causes and consequences of normal, anomalous, or altered anatomical relationships in order to predict compensatory responses and functional outcomes.