Indoor Exercising

  1. If there are extra socks in your home, try using them to create weights! This can be done by filling a sock with pennies or dried beans and tying a knot at the end.
  2. A great cardio exercise is walking up and down the stairs.
  3. Dancing! That’s right, crank up the music and go for it!
  4. If your child has a hula-hoop, try using it for an aerobic workout. Hula-hooping may be an effective way to encourage your children to stay active, too. 
  5. Use those homemade sock weights or handheld dumbbells for strength exercises.
  6. Crunches are another classic exercise. This alternative to sit-ups allows you to get a great
    abdominal workout without putting too much strain on your lower back. 
  7. Wall-sits help strengthen and tone your quadriceps. To do a wall sit, stand in front of a wall, with your back facing it. 
  8. Is the weather gloomy outside? Great! Turn on the TV…and click to your cable provider’s “On Demand” page and locate the “fitness” which offers free workout.