Outdoor Summer Adventures

Up in the Air!

Ropes & Adventure Courses

Overcome obstacles and/or maneuver from tree to tree using balance beams, suspended wires, and zip lines.

Rock Climbing

Climb up natural rock formations (boulders, hills, or mountains) or indoor man-made rock walls.

Getting a Little Wet!

Rafting, Kayaking, or Canoeing

If you have a lake, a river, or even an ocean near you, then getting a little wet might be a way to keep cool while exercising.

Keeping it Friendly!


Social Sports

Many places throughout the country, especially around major cities,offer numerous social sports such as kickball, dodgeball, softball, flag football, and soccer that are inexpensive to join.

Keeping your Feet on the Ground!

Mountain biking

A great workout that not only burns fat, but also builds muscle. It can be difficult and scary at first, but becomes easier with practice.


A team sport in which a team tries to eliminate the other team by hitting them with gelatin paint filled capsules using air guns.


Find a mapped/marked trail and just start walking. If you want to add a little fun to your hike, try Geocaching, an activity in which you search for hidden items during your hikes using a GPS.

When starting any new activity, it is good to get the opinion of a doctor to make sure that you are physically well enough to engage in the activity. It also is a good idea to start off slow when beginning any of these activities.

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