Energy Balance

Calories are a form of energy for the body. The calories provided by the foods you eat and beverages you drink bring energy INTO your body. What you burn through normal everyday activities as well as through physical activity is energy OUT of your body.

The calories needed to maintain normal daily activities such as sleeping, breathing, and digestion make up your basal metabolic rate. Your basal metabolic rate accounts for the majority of calories you burn up each day. The calories needed for digestion make up the thermic effect of food. The rest of your calories are used for other activities such as exercise, or they are stored as fat.

Weight Management

Calories IN = Calories OUT

Weight Loss

Calories OUT > Calories IN

Weight Gain

Calories IN > Calories OUT

Recommendations include:
  • Planning well-balanced meals and healthy snacks
  • Eating reasonable portions of foods and beverages
  • Setting realistic weight-loss goals
  • Altering your environment toward attaining your goal
  • Increasing your physical activity
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