MAR 17, 2016 "Why am I here?"

The opening questions for the discussion are: “Why am I here? How do I find meaning and purpose? What sustains me during difficult times?” Our answers to these questions can indicate how spiritually resilient we are. In turn, our spiritual resiliency is an essential component in our overall ability to maintain a state of well-being.

Our chaplain is posing these questions in the context of our monthly diversity dialogue because each of us answers them differently. For many, their answers are partially or wholly informed by various religious beliefs and perspectives. Yet others find meaning and purpose apart from religion. Please join us in discussing what gives your life meaning and purpose and what we can do to increase our individual and collective spiritual resiliency.

The following link offers one (not religion specific) perspective on the issue:


How to Unlock the Power of Purpose - Richard Leider

Imagine a pill that would aid cognitive decline, help prevent macroscopic stroke, aid sleep, and add 7 years to your life. How much would you pay for it? Would you take it? It turns out that pill is free, and it's available to all. It's called Purpose.