Student Measures and Outcomes

Since the program's inception, all of our students have graduated from the MHAP Program within two years (100% graduation rate).

As of June 2019, all of our graduates fulfill healthcare administration and health policy positions following graduation from the MHAP Program (100% employment rate upon graduation). 

Here is a snapshot of what some of our graduates are doing in their utilization tours.

  • Medical Operations Officer [Army]
  • Medical Operations Planner [Army]
  • Assistant Director of Operations [Air Force]
  • Practice Manager [Air Force]
  • Department Head [Navy]
  • Executive Assistant [Navy]
  • Administration Officer [Navy]

The success of our program is credited to the caliber of students within our program.  Here is what our alumni have to say about the MHAP program (alumni survey administered in 2019).

What part of your educational experience did you find most valuable?

- "The interaction with the instructors. Being able to talk to a CDR as a human being and not necessarily as a person of rank made the learning experience. The ability to challenge someone much higher ranked than myself and have it be welcomed as part of the academic process showed us how military leader justify their decisions."

- "The location of the school and the exposure to the the government and the policy making process."

- "The academic environment; graduate level debate; administrative residencies; having classes with healthcare providers/physician."

- "The practical projects and group dynamics. The joint faculty and student body. Interaction with students from other programs. Diversity in ideas."

- "I spent a year at the RAND Corporation, it was an unparalleled learning experience and set me up for success in policy making at the Pentagon."