Program Competencies, Mission, and Values

The MHAP competencies are based on a model that draws from the National Center for Health Leadership and the Joint Medical Executive Skills Institute, along with a policy dimension. There are 23 individual competencies covering 5 domains.

PMB Competency Wheel

Every component of the curriculum is based upon our competencies, and upon graduation, our students are able to apply these competencies they developed in order to achieve success in their healthcare management careers.

Our mission is to prepare uniformed service members and federal government employees for mid-level healthcare management, leadership and policy advising positions within the Military Health System (MHS) and federal healthcare organizations.  The program actively engages with the MHS and National Capital Area healthcare systems to ensure graduates meet the unique needs of the federal healthcare sector. The MHAP program accomplishes this through excellence in faculty scholarship, teaching and a commitment to student professional development. The program employs an interdisciplinary and competency-based approach focused on leadership, military readiness, policy, transformation and execution.

We will be the premier provider of health policy and administration education for the Military Health System (MHS), federal health policy partners and Allied Host Nation / foreign partners through a sustained commitment to leadership in academics, research and scholarship.