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The MHAP consists of both a didactic phase and a residency phase. The first year is the didactic phase, and it is composed of 5 academic quarters totaling 61-credit hours. During this rigorous year, students will engage in an in-depth approach to the study of health care management, health policy, public health, applied science, and leadership. In this first year, students are exposed to a dynamic cohort of professionals from all military services through team activities, simulations, and field trips to seminars and lectures at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and throughout the Washington D.C. area. Students are exposed to guest speakers from the Department of Defense (officials within the Military Health System) and leadership from local hospitals and the State Department. The second year of the program consists of an Administrative Residency in the National Capital Area. The program curriculum is outlined below, and you can find course descriptions here. Additionally, please see the academic calendar for term start and stop dates, and please see page 59 of the PMB Handbook for the program's grading policy.  

Faculty and Residency Preceptors focus on continuous student development of the MHAP core competencies. Throughout a students’ time in the MHAP program, faculty and preceptors provide specific objectives within each course to target competency progression and assessment.  They provide constant review and feedback, pre and post knowledge testing, and observation checklists. Please click here for the program's most recent Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Methods.

Year 1

Pre-Fall Courses

PMO530 Behavioral & Social Sciences Applied to Public Health (4 credit hours)

PMO1010 Diversity and Leadership (2 credit hours)

PMO401 Seminar in Health Administration and Policy (1 credit hour)

PMO592 Healthcare Information Technology (2 credit hours)

Fall Courses

PMO533 Decision Making in Health Services (2 credit hours)

PMO526 Health Systems (4 credit hours)

PMO1011 Quantitative Analysis & Methods for Health Leaders and Executives I (3 credit hours)

PMO103 Fundamentals of Healthcare Finance (2 credit hours)

PMO528 Global Health I** (4 credit hours)

Winter Courses

PMO523 Fundamentals of U.S. Health Care Policy (3 credit hours)

PMO598 Healthcare Economics (3 credit hours)

PMO1012 Quantitative Analysis & Methods for Health Leaders and Executives II (3 credit hours)

PMO401 Seminar in Health Administration and Policy (1 credit hour)

PMO535 The Law of Healthcare (2 credit hours)

PMO527 Principles of U.S. Health Care Management (2 credit hours)

Spring Courses

PMO 1026 Current Issues in Healthcare (2 credit hours)

PMO 1027 Managerial Epi (3 credit hours)

PMO401 Seminar in Healthcare Administration and Policy (Accreditation) (1 credit hour)

PMO529 Health Care Financial Management (2 credit hours)

PMO576 Human Resource Management in Health Care (3 credit hours)

PMO1007 Advanced Seminar in Global Health Policy (3 credit hours)

PMO532 Quality Assessment and Improvement in Health Care (2 credit hours)

Summer Courses

PMO1005 Strategic Planning & Marketing for Healthcare Systems (3 credit hours)

PMO401 Seminar in Health Administration and Policy (Capstone) (2 credit hours)

PMO998 Foundations of Leadership (1 credit hour)



Year 2


PMO1015 MHAP Residency (12 credits)


PMO1015 MHAP Residency (12 credits)


PMO1015 MHAP Residency (12 credits)

[MHAP GMP Proposals Due]


PMO1015 MHAP Residency (12 credits)


PMO1015 MHAP Residency (12 credits)