Graduate Management Project

The Graduate Management Project (GMP) is a two-part project which entails a formal academic manuscript and an oral presentation.  This project is specific to the student's year in residence and serves as the culmination of the student's learning -- it demonstrates the skills and competencies gained in the program.  Not only is the GMP a useful demonstration of the student's mastering of abilities pertinent to their career in healthcare management, but residency sites often cite how useful and relevant the student's GMP is for aiding residency sites as well.  You may find more information about GMP here.

Prior GMPs are listed below.


  • OPM Automated Data Collection Tool Pharmacy Cost and Workflow Recommendations - residency conducted at  United States Office of Personnel Management 
  • DoD Global Health Engagement Amidst the MHS Reform - residency conducted at The Center for Global Health Excellence (CGHE)

  • Reducing Surgical Tray Defects in the Sterile Processing Department to Improve Overall Quality and Service 

    Improvement of ICU Multidisciplinary Rounding Workflow to Reduce Average Unit Stay for Patients 

      Design and Integration of Babyscripts: A Mother and Baby Mobile Application to Increase Patient Education and Reduce Complications During and After Pregnancy   

  -  residencies conducted at Anne Arundel Medical Center 

  • New Medicare Card Rollout Initiative and Potential Recommendations for Similar Projects - residency conducted at The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services