APR 21, 2016 “Why do we use race in medicine?”

The opening question for the discussion was: “Why do we use race in medicine?” 

The following links gave background information on the issue:

Medical Schools Teaching Race

TED Talk:

The problem with race based medicine by Dorothy Roberts

  1. After the discussion we walked away with these take away points:  
  2. Race belongs in the social history section not the Chief complaint or Identification
  3. AAMC has to get involved to create a systemic change especially in standardized testing
  4. Medical students are taught to always consider race except for microbiology immunology slides
  5. When asked what label to use for a patient, “i.e. Black or African American” use what the patient uses or use nothing if you didn’t ask the question
  6. Race is a surrogate for culture, environment and social influences
  7. Genetic differentiation may be more prevalent in the future