Models Of Emerging Infectious Diseases - IV

Course Number: 
Graduate Education
Quarter Hours: 
2 Quarter Hours
Course Description: 
Provides an in-depth analysis of the epidemiology of, and pathology and host immune response to selected emerging (and re-emerging) infectious disease (EID) agents. Emphasis will be placed on the molecular mechanisms by which the responsible organisms evokes disease. The relevance of the disease to the Department of Defense will be one consideration in the selection of that EID for coverage in the course. One model EID will be covered in 4 hours (one 2-hour session for each of two weeks). The first 2-hour session on each disease will be comprised of a 30- to 60-minute lecture of the clinical presentation (a case study may be used for illustrative purposes), the epidemiology of the disease, the nature of the etiologic agent, and the host response to infection. The 60-90 minutes will either be a research-based presentation on a topic relevant to molecular pathogenesis, host response, epidemiology, vaccine, development, or a series of two or three topics on the state of the research field for that EID. Students will be assigned a review and several primary articles to read prior to the session. The second 2-hour session will concentrate on student presentation of selected basic or clinical science research papers. Each student will know in advance when he/she will be making a presentation.