Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID) Seminar

Course Number: 
Graduate Education
Quarter Hours: 
1 Quarter Hour
Course Description: 
EID seminars provide a forum allowing the invitation of outside speakers, or in-house faculty, to present an EID, or a concept related to EID, for which the speaker is a recognized expert. The main goals are for the students attending the seminars to increase their breath of knowledge in the field and to meet experts in person. In addition, it will provide a model to follow when they have to present data. Seminar will be presented once per month. Seminars are primarily designed for the EID graduate students and fellows, but will be open to all members of the USUHS scientific community, affiliated hospitals (especially NNMC, WRAMC and AAFB), NIH, and Washington Area academic institutions. Attendance is mandatory for all EID graduate students and fellows. The administration of the EID Seminars will be the responsibility of a single faculty member who will serve as the course director, with the assistance of other faculty members as necessary.