Grant Writing For Graduate Students

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Interdisciplinary Courses
Quarter Hours: 
2 Quarter Hours
Course Description: 
This course is designed to provide an overview of the grant writing process for graduate students and to enable graduate students to work in an efficient manner to produce a fundable grant/fellowship application. A great grant requires an important question, clear logic exploring that question, and the resources to complete the proposed studies. This course will overview external funding mechanisms, focus on specific aspects of proposal development, emphasize time management, and emphasize the use of colleague critiques in proposal development. Students will be oriented to the NRSA funding program using the PHS398 application to include a section by section review of this application. Students will develop two sections for class credit: Specific Aims section and Background and Significance section. They will also be required to review and critique these two sections of each other's proposals as part of a mock grant review panel at the end of the course and to obtain critiques from mentors. These review activities will serve to highlight the need to use colleagues as part of the proposal development process as well as to understand the criteria used for grant review. Development of career plans, in addition to an understanding of the role of the student's graduate thesis/dissertation advisor, are other key elements in grant/fellowship writing for graduate students that will be reviewed. At the end of the six-week course, it is expected that students will have developed a Specific Aims and Background and Significance section, grasped an understanding of the remaining sections and the process of grant submission, and, with the help of the graduate thesis/dissertation advisor, will complete the proposal and submit it for funding.