Alternate Scholarly Activities

Course Number: 
Interdisciplinary Courses
Quarter Hours: 
1-12 Quarter Hours
Course Description: 
This course encompasses the scholarly activities undertaken by MD/Ph.D. students during the transition phase of their Program (years IV and V). This course will begin during the summer after academic year III, and students will register for this course each quarter until the end of academic year V. During this time, each student will complete all requirements to be commissioned in the United States military and will be sent to Officer Basic Training as determined by his/her respective service. During these two years, the student will also complete the remaining requirements of the first and second years of the medical curriculum. The student will also continue to spend significant time on his/her thesis research, finalize the thesis project, and prepare and defend his/her doctoral dissertation. The student may not proceed into his/her clinical years (years VI and VII) without completion and defense of his/her dissertation. The student will also complete Operation Kerkesner and be provided an adequate summer non-medical military experience years IV and IV.