Clinical Skills Training Seminar I

Course Number: 
Graduate Education
Quarter Hours: 
2 Quarter Hours
Course Description: 
This course is designed for second-year clinical psychology and medical/clinical psychology graduate students, and is the first in a series of two courses designed to further integrate practice-specific training with didactic work. These training seminars are designed to better prepare students for their applied practica experiences that are geared toward psychological assessment activities and the administration of various psychotherapy approaches, and for their future professional work as military or civilian psychologists. Seminar I is taken during the fall, winter, and spring of the student’s second year. To enhance overall learning, skill development, and general clinical efficacy, this course coordinates with topics presented in the Psychotherapy Fundamentals courses. The structure of Seminar I allows for immediate application and discussion of the didactic concepts and techniques as they are presented in the foundation series. Students learn to apply specific clinical skill modalities through in-vivo training at the NCA Medical Simulation Center. Specifically, students take on a simulated caseload of three patients at the Simulation Center that they see on an ongoing basis during the year. Students are coached by the instructor, and receive feedback from their peers, the course instructor, and the standardized patients at the Simulation Center. In classroom roleplays give students additional opportunities to fine-tune specific clinical skills. In addition, relevant readings, prepared case studies, and students’ current cases serve as the basis for lively class discussions.