Accreditation & Organizational Assessment

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Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
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Stephen J. Henske, MHA
Assistant Vice President,
Accreditation & Organizational Assessment
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Accreditation and Organizational Assessment


The mission of this office is to monitor and review accreditation status and adherence to Federal regulations, DoD policies and University policies and procedures necessary to ensure the University’s ability to continue its mission to educate, train, conduct research and scholarly works.  



  • Reviews accreditation and regulatory requirements to assure the University's school and departments remain up-to-date, in good standing and in compliance with applicable standards and requirements;
  • Provides technical advice and guidance to departments, schools, and institutes preparing for school and discipline accreditation or certification.
  • Monitors and maintains for the Office of the University President, the status on twenty-two program accreditation certifications for the University's academic and regulatory programs. 
  • Works with the offices of the Deans of USUHS schools, Institute Directors and Program Coordinators responsible for the management and maintenance of their respective national accreditation or certification programs. 
  • Manages the University Management Internal Control Program for maintaining internal control to achieve the objectives of efficient and effective operations, reliable financial reporting, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Coordinates responses to the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), ASD (HA), DoD IG or Congressional inquiries relating to University issues, programs or operations;
  • Serves as the University's coordination point for external audits and investigations.
  • Investigates allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement or a hostile work environment.
  • Performs independent accountability and effectiveness assessments and program reviews at the direction of the Office of the University President.
  • Manages the USUHS President's online Open Door Program which provides all faculty and staff with a direct electronic link to the President. 

 Administered Programs

The following programs are administered by this office:

Management Control Program

The Federal Manager's Financial Integrity Act of 1982 and the Office of Management and Budget, Circular A123, charges each Federal agency head with the responsibility to develop and maintain an effective internal management control program.  These guidelines encompass administrative and accounting controls for program, operational and administrative areas. The University President, as the responsible agency head, is charged with providing an annual Statement of Assurance (SOA) which asserts that significant weaknesses in the design or operation of the University if detected are corrected in a timely manner.  Programs must operate and resources must be used consistent with this agency’s mission, in compliance with laws and regulations, and with minimal potential for waste, fraud and mismanagement.  As federal government employees, adherence to established internal controls is everyone's responsibility.

Privacy Act Information

The Uniformed Services University Privacy Office was established by the University President to oversee all ongoing activities related to DoD Directive 5400.11, DoD Privacy Program and the development, implementation, maintenance of, and adherence to the organization’s policies and procedures covering the privacy of, and access to, personally identifiable information (PII), to include protected health information (PHI), in compliance with federal and state laws and the organization’s information privacy practices. 

University Office of the Inspector General

The Uniformed Services University Inspector General (USU IG) serves as principle advisor to the University President on all investigations, audit matters and for matters relating to the prevention and detection of fraud, waste, or other abuses in the programs and operations of the University.  USU IG provides recommendations and advice when applicable on the direction of investigations, evaluations, audits, and inspections.  USU IG operates the USU Hotline and directs its implementation within University components, ensuring that inquiries generated by allegations are conducted in accordance with applicable laws, DoD regulations, and polices.  USU IG is an independent and objective organizational component.

Department of Defense Hotline Program

The Department of Defense (DoD) Hotline Program provides an opportunity to report significant instances of fraud, waste, abuse of authority, and gross mismanagement directly to DoD.  The Defense Hotline Program strives to ensure that allegations are properly evaluated and examined, and that appropriate remedial, corrective, and judicial actions are taken. (link sends e-mail) or call 800-424-9098.