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Department of Defense Hotline


Write, Call or Email:
Defense Hotline
The Pentagon
Washington, D.C. 20301

Toll Free (800) 424-9098
Washington, D.C. Metro Area (703) 693-5080

Identities of Writers and Callers Fully Protected

The Department of Defense Hotline receives and evaluates concerns or complaints of fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement. From 1985-1998 the Defense Hotline received more than 178,000 calls and letters. As a result of Defense Hotline investigations, the government saved or recovered $425 million.

Anyone, whether a service member, civilian employee, defense contractor, or private citizen, who witnesses what he or she believes to be a violation of ethical standards and/or the law, including but not limited to fraud, waste, or abuse of authority, potential leaks of classified information, or potential acts of terrorism, should report such conduct through his or her chain of command, respective service Inspector General, or directly to his or her respective service Inspector General or directly to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense Hotline at 800-424-9098 (e-mail: