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OB/GYN Faculty Appointments


Academic rank is important both during and after a military career.  Faculty appointments in the Department of OB/GYN at USU are recognition of academic contributions and service to the mission of educating our students. 

Basic information

Faculty appointments at USUHS are governed by the University, following the very comprehensive USU Instruction 1100. What follows here is more "practical" information and an explanation of the OB/GYN Department’s process and instructions on how to apply.

Faculty Ranks

Faculty ranks and general faculty status are listed as follows:

Teaching Fellow:  Teaching Fellow appointments are typyically provided for residents in training. While this is not technically an academic rank in the same way as Assistant, Associate. or Professor, it is recognition from USUHS of your contributions to educate our medical students and it can be listed on your CV.  This status continues unitl graduation from residency and passing the ABOG Written Examination. After that, you can apply electronically for an official faculty appointment in the SOM. Your CV should clearly indicate the date of passing the ABOG Written Examination.


Assistant, Associate, or full Professor: Upon graduation from an accredidted residency program an Obstetrician-Gynecologist is eligible for an appointment as an Assistant Professor.  Associate and full Professor appointments/promotions require ABOG certification and demonstration of significant additional experience and contributions.  For Ph.D. scientists , entry level rank is dependent on training and experience.

Progression from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor typically involves a minimum of time in rank of around 6 years. Promotion to Professor generally requires at least another 4 years or longer, although there is not a firmly defined time period.  Clearly, such a significant promotion is dependent on scholarly productivity and professional reconginition.




Active duty faculty are all in a non-tenure track.  Faculty appointments for non-tenure track positions are typically categorized into one of several available pathways:

  • Clinician-Educator
  • Clinician-Investigator
  • Research
  • Educator

Most clinicians will be categorized in the Clinician-Educator Pathway, while most of the Ph.D. faculty will follow the Research Pathway.  As might be suspected, each of the pathways has different areas of focus and the criteria to be appointed and promoted will vary.  For example, faculty in the investigator or research pathways will need to demonstrate accomplishments in scientific investigation and research, while the clinician-educator pathway emphasizes clinical and educational accomplishments.



The "Adjunct" prefix is typically provided to an individual performing important functions relative to the Department but is assigned to an institution or facility that is not a core clerkship site for USUHS students or a primary residency site for Obstetrics and Gynecology. An example may be a staff physician performing educational activities relative to the USUHS mission while assigned to Darnall Army Medical Center at Fort Hood. Fort Hood is not a core clerkship site for USUHS students, nor a primary residency site, but residents from the SAUSHEC (San Antonio) program rotate at Darnall and receive valuable education there. In these cases, the “Adjunct” prefix allows us to recognize the faculty’s important service to the University.


The "Clinical" prefix is used at USUHS to recognize the critically important educational and clinical activities of clinical faculty who may not be involved in the research or other activities that serve as criteria for non-prefixed appointments.  These are particularly used at the Associate Professor or Professor ranks. The University certainly recognizes the incredible demands placed on faculty with respect to clinical activities, and that they may not have the time to pursue scientific investigation/research but they provide significant clinical service and education of students, residents, and fellows. Therefore these faculty have the opportunity to become promoted as a clinical appointment.

The requirements for the appointment/promotion package to be forwarded for consideration of a "Clinical" prefix are generally less involved than for consideration of an unprefixed appointment, particularly pertaining to the number of required letters of support.

Other prefixes are also available (Distinguished, Visiting, and others) - details regarding these prefixes are contained in the USU 1100 Instruction.



The process for appointment and promotion are detailed in the Instruction, and are too extensive to comprehensively detail here. However, the following sections will hopefully prove beneficial in understanding the process and the "practical" aspects of the criteria evaluated.

Teaching Fellow:

Submit the following documents to the OB/GYN Department Administrator, Tracy Smith:

Curriculum Vitae (it does not have to be a specific format, but an example is included here)

-Example of CV format  Filesample_cv.docx

Letter of support from Supervisor

-Example Draft of Supervisor/Command Letter Fileusu_obgyn_fac_appt_letter_dept_chair_cmdr_blank.docx


 Assistant Professor:

This process is now automated and online.  To complete this, go to the following website:


This site should look like this:

SSO Account Registration


(*If you receive an error message – e-mail sakaihelp@usuhs.edu.)

This will allow you to apply for a USU-SSO account.  After this, or if you already have this type of account, you will go and upload your information at https://workflow.usuhs.edu

The initial screen looks like this and you will click on “Assistant Professor Workflow”

Parking Workflow


The next screen will look like this:

Assistant Professor Workflow


Items you will need to upload include the following:

  • CV (There is not a specific format that is required.  Please make sure your CV indicates your involvement in “teaching USUHS medical students”)

Example of CV format File sample_cv.docx

Example Draft of Supervisor/Command Letter Fileusu_obgyn_fac_appt_letter_dept_chair_cmdr_blank.docx


Associate Professor and Professor:

For these appointments, there is not an online process at this time.  The Associate and Professor appointments require a much more comprehensive review. 

In general, this process begins by contacting Tracy Smith and sending a copy of your CV for review.  After this, your information will be reviewed by Dr. Haffner and you will receive feedback and instructions on documents to send in to keep the process moving.  At this time, we will request letters of evaluation and your application will be reviewed by the OB/GYN Department CAPT Committee, which is chaired by Dr. William Haffner and includes full Professors from the department.  After this, the Department Chair will write a letter of endorsement and the packet is reviewed by the USU CAPT Committee and recommendations sent forward to the Dean’s Office.  If approved, it is reviewed at the quarterly Board of Regents meeting and the final decision sent back to the CHR office and notification made to the provider.

An overview of the process is shown in the following diagram:




assistant professor process 

For more information on qualifications and requirements for Associate / Professor level appointments, you can refer to the following documents:

-      Practical Interpretation of Promotion Criteria for Associate / Professor Level Filepractical_interpretation_of_promotion_criteria_9_16_16.docx

-        USU 1100



The process for Teaching Fellow, and Assistant Professor appointments is mostly administrative with the basic qualifications discussed previously and these may take as little as 2-3 months to complete.  At the Associate Professor and Professor levels, the process is significantly more involved and one of the most common delays is receiving the required letters of recommendation.  In addition, after they are received and reviewed by the USU CAPT committee, the Board of Regents (BOR) must sign off on these and they meet on a quarterly basis.



The Chair of the OB/GYN Departmental Committee on Academic Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure (CAPT) is William H. J. Haffner, MD, CAPT (ret), USPHS. Dr. Haffner, a former Program Director and USU Department Chair, provides extensive assistance in support of faculty to develop their careers and to review faculty accomplishments relative to the requirements for the specific ranks. Dr. Haffner has been invaluable in the career advancement of numerous faculty.

If you have any questions regarding the process or your current status / eligibility, we highly suggest you contact Dr. Haffner at william.haffner@usuhs.edu


Civilian Human Resources (CHR) Process

The CHR Office maintains records and handles administration of faculty appointments and promotions. Faculty member rosters are reviewed on an annual basis and it is important to keep CHR informed of any changes in your location and assignments.



Academic appointments at USU are an important way to recognize your contributions to the educational mission of the University.  While the process is sometimes challenging, we are committed to providing support to help make sure that it is as simple as possible and remove any obstacles.  We recognize that our faculty are the most valuable resource we have and that we cannot accomplish the mission without you.