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Institute for Vaccine Research

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The Institute for Vaccine Research (IVR) was established within the Department of Pathology at the Uniformed Services University in 2001 with initial funding from the School of Medicine Research and Education Endowment. The IVR is tasked to conduct basic and translational immunologic studies that have relevance for the rational design of new or improved vaccines against infectious agents. More specifically, the major focus of research is on obtaining a better understanding of the parameters that regulate in vivo antibody responses, specific for both protein and polysaccharide antigens, upon exposure to both intact extracellular bacterial pathogens and associated vaccines. On this basis new approaches to adjuvanting vaccines are proposed and/or developed The mouse is utilized as the major model of study.

The IVR, which currently consists of 8 members, was founded by Val Hemming, M.D., then Dean of the School of Medicine, and was initiated, and is currently directed, by Clifford M. Snapper, M.D., Professor, Department of Pathology (primary), and Professor in both the Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID), and Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB) graduate programs (secondary). The Director of the IVR meets annually with an oversight committee to chart its progress. The IVR is currently supported from a number of funding sources including the School of Medicine Research and Education Endowment, GlaxoSmithKline royalty payments to the Uniformed Services University, an NIH R01, an NIH R21, and a CRADA from a biotechnology company (Muroplex, Inc.). Since its inception in 2001 the IVR has published 24 first/senior author research studies in peer-reviewed immunologic journals (The Journal of Experimental Medicine, The Journal of Immunology, Infection and Immunity, European Journal of Immunology, and Cellular Immunology), 4 reviews/book chapters, and 2 co-authored publications. Dr. Snapper can be reached by e-mail ( or phone (301-295-3490).