Uniformed Services University

International Postdocs

Moving to the United States can be a confusing and overwhelming process.  We've provided a few links below that will hopefully aid in the adjustment.

One of your first tasks should be to look into obtaining a social security number.  You will need a SSN to obtain a CAC card which will serve as your official ID to be allowed through the base gates and to access work computers on the USUHS campus.  A link to locate the nearest Social Security Administration office is provided below. 

Information for obtaining a Maryland driver's license or ID card can be found on the Housing and Transportation page of this site.

The Henry Jackson Foundation employs an immigration specialist who can answer any questions for HJF employees. Contact your assigned HJF specialist for more information

The Department of Homeland Security website also provides important information for non-U.S. citizens working in the United States. Follow the link to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website for more information.

You may also be eligible to enter the green-card lottery.  More information can be found by following the link below.

Information on subjects from visa issues to bank accounts can be found on the two websites listed below. We recommend that you avoid clicking on the ads on the websites to avoid phishing scams.

New 2 USA