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About the USU Postdoctoral Association

The USU Postdoctoral Association is a member-driven organization that aims to provide a voice for postdoctoral fellows within the USU community. Our mission is to establish a forum to promote career development and networking, as well as scientific and social interactions among USU postdoctoral fellows. A postdoctoral fellow holds a doctoral degree (Ph.D., M.D. or equivalent degree) and is involved in mentored research training at USU. Individuals meeting these criteria are eligible for membership in the USU Postdoctoral Association.


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Board Members

Miranda Gray, Ph.D.
Erica Raterman, Ph.D.
Nhu Nguyen, Ph.D.
Linda Miallau, Ph.D.
Luciana Crotti-Espinoza, Ph.D.
Dacie Bridge, Ph.D.
George Liechti, Ph.D.
Rok Tkavc, Ph.D.