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Thomas R. Schneid

Executive Dean

Thomas R. Schneid, DMD, MS

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Postgraduate Dental College

Faculty Resources

In order to be eligible for access to these services, faculty must first complete the appoinment process as a USUHS Faculty member.  The process is described in another section of the PDC webpage or in detail in USU Instruction 1100D You will know that your faculty appointment is complete when you have indicated acceptance, signed, and returned faculty appointment letter.  Once that has been completed, you will be issued a Faculty Certificate.

 Single Sign-On Account and Sakai Learning Management System

A Single Sign-On (SSO) account is requred to access University electronic resources.

  • After the faculty appointment process is complete, all faculty must request a USU non-billeted faculty account
  • From a CAC-enabled computer, go to the USU Account Request Application at : USU Account Registration
  • Click "Get Started" and follow instructions on the screen, including linking your CAC to this account
  • When prompted for a POC e-mail address, enter Stephen.Huntington@usuhs.edu
  • When received, Mr. Huntington will approve your request. 
  • Please check your military and/or personal email accounts for an email message from Sakaihelp@usuhs.edu.
  • That message will provide you with a SSO username/password.  These can be used to log in to your account from a non-CAC emabled computer.
  • Log in to the Sakai Learning Management System via SAKAI using either your CAC or your username/password.
 Learning Resource Center (LRC)

The University's LRC is available to all Faculty.  The primary area of interest in the Learning Resource Center is the Dental Student Portal.  It can be most directly accessed from the tab in Featured Resources at the lower right hand corner of the LRC homepage.  The Portal is further tabbed by specialty with lists of electronic textbooks and journals prominently displayed.  On the main portal page you will also find access to numerous Research Resources such as Writing Guides, USU Research Format template, and request for LRC staff-aided literature search.  These resources will be of value as you help your residents complete the research process.  In addition, the LRC's Thesis and Dissertation collection, as well as a Poster Repository, can be accessed from the USU Archives tab located near the top of the Home Page.   These resources can be searched to display only those publicatons submitted by the Postgraduate Dental College.  Theses and manuscripts from previous years' graduates will be listed.  Poster presentation from faculty and students can be submitted to the Repository by following the instructions for Poster Submission located at the Library Services tab.  These two locations serve as valuable sources of research ideas.  To gain access to the LRC, please complete the following steps:

  • Go to LRC Registration
  • Select USU Postgraduate Dental College and proceed with registration
  • The LRC staff will verify your information and issue an account username/password via you military and/or your personal email account
  • Go to LRC and log in. Please link you CAC to the account.  You may now use wither your CAC or username/password for access.

A limited number of Faculty that are dedicated to resident research within their programs may, upon nomination by their Program Director and concurrence by the Executive Dean, PDC, be granted access to EndNote and SPSS statistical software throught the University.  If you are among these faculty, you will receive an email notification from DoD SAFE with the subject USU Software to download EndNote and SPSS software.  Separately, an invitation will be sent from Adobe to approved PDC faculty to access Adobe Personal Use software.  Both notifications will be sent to the faculty members' personal email account.