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Thomas R. Schneid

Executive Dean

Thomas R. Schneid, DMD, MS

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Message from the Dean

Thomas R. Schneid

Welcome to the Postgraduate Dental College (PDC) website. The PDC was established in 2010 at the request of the Services to provide a Master of Science in Oral Biology degree for existing military graduate dental education programs. The first students matriculated in 2010 and received degrees in 2012. The PDC continues to grow through the affiliation of programs at additional teaching sites. The PDC has approximately 130 students under instruction in 19 different programs in seven different disciplines of dentistry. The addition of the masters’ degree has enhanced both the professionalism and “jointness” of the Services’ residency programs. It has also eliminated the need for other degree providers for affiliated programs, enhancing consistency across the Services.

The newest addition to the PDC includes 10 Air Force, 1-year Advanced General Dentistry Education Programs. Dental officers attend these programs in their first military assignment, training in all dental disciplines to both expand and enhance their skills in support of the services’ readiness missions. Graduates of these programs earn a certificate of completion.

Under the academic umbrella of the University, the Services have benefited by expanded library access, enhanced faculty development, and research oversight. Within a decade, it is expected that the majority of career dental officers from all Services will be USUHS graduates.

The Tri-Service Center for Oral Health Studies (TSCOHS)- - is aligned to USU under the Postgraduate Dental College. The Center consists of service representatives, with specialty training in Dental Public Health. TSCOHS officers provide consultative services related to dental care in the military as well as research support to PDC students.