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Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

Southern Region Campus
2787 Winfield Scott Road, Bldg 2398
JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234-7510
Thomas R. Schneid

Executive Dean

Thomas R. Schneid, DMD, MS

(210) 299-8506


Postgraduate Dental College

Student Registration Process

All students must complete and submit three required documents.  It is preferred that they be submitted before program orientation but at the latest, during the first week of your program’s orientation session.

1) Online Registration Form – A link will be provided that will connect you to the registration form.  Please complete all required fields and submit directly using the submit function at the bottom of the form. 

2) System Access Authorization Request Form (SAAR, DD Form 2875, Aug 2009) – This form will be provided for you by your Program Director.  It will be partially completed with applicable USU information in certain fields.  You will be directed to complete other applicable sections of the form.  Attached to the SAAR will be a USU User Agreement.  By signing the SAAR you are agreeing to the terms in the USU User Agreement.  Your digital signature must be recorded on this form.  In limited circumstances when residents have not yet been issued a CAC, the form may be printed and signed by hand. 

3) Certificate indicating current completion of Cyber Awareness (IA) training – A copy of the certificate from your previous military assignment or from your current residency location will suffice.  The completion date has to be within the last calendar year.

The SAAR Form and the IA Certificate will be collected by your Program Director or Program Administrator and sent to Mr. Stephen Huntington at the USU Postgraduate Dental College.  After SAAR and IA documents are received from all residents from all programs (Army, Navy, Air Force), Mr. Huntington will upload the forms to the USU Chief Information Officer (CIO).  When the USU CIO has received all Forms, including the Registration Form (Document 1 above), electronic resource accounts will be issued for all incoming PDC residents.