USU Medical Executive Skills Course



MedXellence is an MHS-relevant, actively managed course with a continuously updated curriculum. It uses many of the same expert educational faculty and powerful teaching methods that have established the Uniformed Services University as a leader in federal medicine education. By continuously working with the MHS to design MedXellence, we strive to deliver the most relevant curriculum, expand upon the existing competencies of MHS executives, and develop tailored leadership strategies. The MedXellence course places a focus on decision support tools, including the TRICARE Operations Center (TOC), MHS Population Health Portal, and the Tri-Service Business Planning Tool, among others.


In 1993, a Joint Defense Task Force identified 34 competencies required of a military healthcare professional to command a DoD medical facility. In 1996, that number was increased to 40 competencies following a census survey of healthcare management organization commanders and is the basis for the Executive Skills Core Curriculum.