MedXellence Curriculum

MedXellence Curriculum

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In 1993, a Joint Defense Task Force identified 34 competencies required of a military healthcare professional to command a DoD medical facility. In 1996, that number was increased to 40 competencies following a census survey of healthcare management organization commanders and is the basis for the Executive Skills Core Curriculum. Since that time, the military medical departments have focused their efforts on assessing the executive skill needs of their medical leaders, developing educational programs, and offering courses to satisfy the jointly developed core curriculum. These activities are collectively accomplished under the purview of the Joint Medical Executive Skills Program (JMESP) in accordance with DoDI 6000.15. The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences offers MedXellence to ensure senior military healthcare executives possess the requisite professional knowledge and skills to efficiently and effectively manage the DoD's healthcare system.

The Uniformed Services University’s Executive Education program, MedXellence, educates MHS leaders on concepts and skills that are needed to make complex, multi-faceted decisions that create maximum value for the enterprise.  The University’s learning model immerses the most promising leaders from the MHS in a week-long transformational experience that fosters professional, intellectual, and personal development. MedXellence challenges tri-Service MHS executives to think and lead more effectively in an evolving environment. 

MedXellence is designed to educate tri-Service MHS leaders to ask the right questions, obtain the appropriate data, and lead organizational improvement.



The core schedule offers the course overview. Any minor adjustments to the order of presentations will be sent to registrants prior to the start date of the session.

The week-long course is composed of inter-related modules that emphasize learning through web-based course pre-work, classroom lectures, workshops, an interwoven case study, and small group educational activities. MedXellence educates MHS executives on current MHS issues through integrating knowledge about the competencies prescribed by the Joint Medical Executive Skills Group:

  • Decision Making 
  • Strategic Communication 
  • Organizational Design 
  • Health Law Policy
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Strategic Communication              
  • Financial Management 
  • Population Health Improvement       
  • Ethics     
  • Integrated Health Care Delivery Systems 
  • Leadership     
  • Quality Management   
  • Patient Safety   
  • Outcome Measurements                 

Overall Goal: Military Treatment Facility (MTF) Leaders will increase their competence and efficacy in fulfillment of the Joint Medical Executive Skills Institute (JMESI) criteria and organizational excellence.

MedXellence educates military healthcare leaders on the delivery of patient-centered care, working as a member of an interdisciplinary team, engaging in evidence-based practice, applying quality improvement approaches, and using information technology.   The MedXellence program educates students on MHS challenges through multidisciplinary approaches that apply the latest scientific knowledge, common sense, and teamwork to important MHS issues. Students will also have an opportunity to apply the skills and competencies they acquire during their course of study to practical problems.

Delivered approximately five times per year, the curriculum consists of a combination of pre-course distance learning modules, in-class lectures and discussions, and small-group case study exercises. Throughout the course week group workshops and exercises allow participants the opportunity to reflect on current issues and problems encountered by medical executives, integrate what they have learned from the course, and to exchange ideas.

Course Cost: There is no tuition fee for MedXellence attendance; however, your command must fund travel and per-diem related expenses.