MedXellence Student Eligibility

MedXellence Student Eligibility


Who Should Attend

The six-day course is intended for current and aspiring MHS leaders, who want to strengthen and expand your leadership and management skillsets to enhance your success in the fast-changing MHS environment. Because our participants’ own experiences are critical to the learning process, we will choose a class that is professionally diverse. You should come prepared to exercise leadership in the classroom, help shape class conversation, and discuss relevant issues with MedXellence faculty.

How to Apply

We welcome your interest in MedXellence and hope you, too, will join the ranks of our alumni who are making a difference—working to lead the Military Healthcare System into the future!

Your supervisor may nominate you to attend the course, or you may self-nominate.  If you do self-nominate, make sure that your supervisor approves your attendance so that you do not have to later withdraw your nomination.  Classes fill quickly, so we encourage you to apply early.

Course Costs

There is no tuition fee for MedXellence attendance, however, your organization will need to fund travel and per-diem related expenses; therefore, make sure they are prepared to cover your TDY/TAD costs before submitting your nomination.

Please see the schedule of Courses, below. You can register by clicking on a course date.