MedXellence Faculty and Staff

MedXellence Faculty and Staff

The MedXellence faculty consists of experts in the field of healthcare management within the Military Health System, Federal Health System, and the private sector. Select a faculty member to the left to view his/her biography.

Disclosure: All faculty and planning staff have disclosed that they have no significant financial relationship with commercial entities whose products or services are related to the subject matter of the topic they will be addressing.


Dr. Patricia Buss
Ms. Carol Cooper
Dr. Raymond Crawford
CDR Erich Dietrich
Dr. Michael Dinneen
CDR John Gardner
Mr. Brandon Ho
Ms. Regina Julian
Dr. Tracey Koehlmoos
Ms. Angela Koelsch
Ms. Leslie Horne
Dr. Eric Marks
Mr. Joseph Mathers
Dr. John McQueston
Dr. Gregg Meyer
Ms. Kate Neufeld
Mr. James Pauly
Mr. Joseph Procaccino
Mr. Gaston Randolph
Mr. Richard Rhodes
LCDR Amanda Self
Ms. Sherry Stone
Mr. Walter Tinling
Dr. Thomas Travis
Mrs. Donna Whitaker
Ms. Barbara Zeliff


Ms. Sandra Elliott